Raw Vegan Almond Balls Recipe

These gorgeous almond balls quickly became a firm favourite with my clients. They started out as plum balls as there is a gorgeous Hungarian dessert that my mother used to make me called Szilvás Gombóc and I wanted to re-create that childhood experience. You know when you bite into something and it takes you back to those flavours and comfort? Since then I modified it, but really every raw vegan dish is an Alchemical journey for me and I slip into a realm where only love exists and that is how I co-create with my ingredients.


250 g almonds + a little extra for coating (soak the almonds in water the night before as the skin needs to come off)

lemon juice and zest

100 -150 g soaked medjool dates

raw vegan plum jam

I simply mix the almonds in a vitamix, then add the pre-soaked medjool dates, give it a good mix, little lemon juice and zest. I make them into balls and add a little jam in the middle. Then I mix some almonds to a crumble and coat the balls with that. But you can coat them into shredded coconut or make different versions. Let your inspiration take over and always ask your body what it requires in that moment. Enjoy your creation!

When we are in harmony with our mind, body and spirit everything and everyone becomes the same energy for that moment. It is almost like the world stopped for that precious moment and we enjoy the comfort and the healing that this food is capable of gifting to us. My food is different as it teaches us how to love, take care and nurture ourselves.

Clarity will empower your life!

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