Alchemical Facilitation

Facilitating, coaching and clearings are between 30 minutes to an hour or more, everything can be created to suit your current requirements.

I thank you for choosing me as your facilitator and a sovereign master teacher. Are you choosing to thrive, manifest and to be the energy of knowledge, wisdom and prosperity? Are you ready to allow and receive? Are you willing to take 100% responsibility for your life? What are the infinite possibilities that are available to you NOW? Are you looking forward to embrace your true being and start manifesting the life you desire now?


Holistic Alchemical Raw Vegan Food Facilitation 

Andrea uses the Earth and its elements to facilitate the person so they can discover what hidden or stuck problems are they hiding in their body, mind and spirit. These sessions are on zoom or skype or telephone.


1 day Face to Face Bespoke Facilitation Programme

This programme or facilitation starts in the morning and it happens outside in nature. Alchemical Facilitation, Healing with and from Earth, Raw Vegan Picnic/Facilitation with Food, Ho’oponopono and Alchemy of the Body Advanced Body Session. Every facilitation comes from Divine Inspiration and totally unique to match the required energy in the moment. Love Moment by Moment.  Just like my clients every facilitation, food and walk is different. Get in touch to book.


Inventory Sessions 30/60/90 Days

How this happens?

After purchasing this services Andrea will send you a form to complete and there you can add or write any issues, problems, thoughts, feelings or anything, that you would like to clear on or currently going on in your life. When the form is completed and received the clearing will start for the days required, which can be 30/60/90.
 This form is very detailed and includes and touches upon many different areas, if not all including the body and mind. As this is a distant and very deep clearing there is no communication during these days, however Andrea can send you some notes and findings afterwards.