During my life i: continue to meet many Magickal creatures that require one touch whether it is mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally or with my raw vegan creations. Here are some rewards for that Faery Magick.

i: love you and thank you

“You not only found your passion, but you found your Magical passion. You have found the focus, the passion and the daily practice and have tamed it in such a way you can reproduce magic by a click of a finger, just like that.” (Andrew Bartzis, The Galactic Historian)

Andrew Bartzis, The Galactic Historian

“I have personally tried the MONEY MAKER fudge and it is DELICIOUS!!!! I had FIVE pieces and wanted MORE!! Xx” (Mark David Woollard, Staines Upon Thames)

Mark David Woollard

“A true exploration through consciousness and beyond. Up and down the ladder of universal laws expressed through colour, taste and texture. Thank you for taking me on a ride on your journey into the million-letter celestial alphabet.” (7 course Alchemical and Galactical Tasting Menu for Martina Grubmueller)

Martina Grubmueller

“Shout out to Andrea Basilio for the Amazing Homemade Chocolates delivered by Martina Grubmueller. Cheers Andrea they are the best chocolates I’ve ever had and healthy too!” (Laura Massey, Galactic Facilitator & Craniosacral Therapist, West Sussex) 

Laura Massey

“Yum yum yum Just got home and have eaten one soup 1/2 the bread … all the sushi and a brownie….. love loved the sushi Soup had lovely texture and a nice little kick to it. It was very very generous of you. I sadly don’t think any of it will last until Sunday It all looks too gorgeous. Your presentation is fabulous I will have the rest of the samples tomorrow. It was very very generous of you. Thank you again. Frances, Chertsey)

Mark David Woollard

“Thank you Andrea for the delicious treats. Best chocolate ever. …. So talented…” (Maire Ni Gohlin, Galactic Facilitator, Ireland)

Maire Ni Gohlin

“Who knew? Raw Vegan food is delicious. I enjoy vegetarian food, even being a meat & fish eater, but not really interested in trying vegan food – well until today. Treated to a gourmet raw vegan lunch (lost count at 6 or 7 courses) by Andrea  in exchange for honest review & feedback. Very simple when it all tasted so good. And in all honesty I wouldn’t be posting so publicly if I didn’t mean it. Congratulations Andrea. I’ll definitely shout about it! Now sneaking a treat out of my doggie bag.” (Jeannie Shapiro – Chiswick, London)

Jeannie Shapiro

“Andrea puts her heart and soul into the making of it. I am not a vegetarian or a raw vegan for that matter and yet I really enjoy her creations, which are always different, and I am more than happy to recommend one of Andrea’s boxes for you to check out. It’s a great deal for two people: starter, two mains, desert, fudge, lovely bread as a side choice.” (Martina Grubmueller, Kingston Upon Thames – Galactic Facilitator)

Martina Grubmueller

“Andrea kudos to you starting this! It was time! Your food cannot be hidden from others! Most flavourful meals I’ve ever had.” (Sue Buss, Wokingham)

Sue Buss, Wokingham

“Hi Andrea, Fudge arrived this morning and of course had some then, now and again with tea! As a foodie and a healthy snack lover, this is truly the most delicious fudge I have ever tasted, it’s magical! Reading your poem brought tears of joy, thank you for including this. If I still lived in London, would order your delights weekly, not kidding!! Thanks again for speedy delivery and will keep updated on your next ventures through blog and FB. Much Love, Nicola. xx”

Nicola Bannon, Ireland

“Well well well Andrea..just in the door and parcel arrived…what a box of beautiful treats …made and wrapped with so much love and attention to detail ..your creations are reflection of your Divine character..each one revealing uniqueness of your soul and then to find a card with such inspiration and decoration of words you are truly blessed dear Lady …may you have much success what you are doing …alchemist at work ..from the centre of my being I send the much gratitude..Stephen.”

Stephen Mcgarry, Ireland

“Hi Andrea! I was so bummed I couldn’t be on the Zoom call yesterday but I wanted to tell you how beautiful your presence of food and your amazing Essence was when I watched it just now. Your revocation touched my heart deeply and I am grateful for you and all the people on Earth Nouveau …I am learning so much from everyone and are such an inspiration to my human and my soul!! Love you and see you soon on Zoom:).” Amy

Amy Signore-Kruzic, USA

“Hi Andrea, thank you for having the call/zoom, it was truly amazing. I really had not been aware of the full extents of your gifts & capacities. I was at periods in my life, interested & inspired by & with food & I see that all dropped down the list of priorities. Listening to you speak of your wonderful food “enterprise” sparked something in me. I am going to listen to you again today, as there is so much in what you spoke of. Yes I would enjoy to experience some of your amazing creations. So let’s gets that in motion. Much love Cxx”

Catherine, Ireland

“The best brownies i: have ever tasted.” 



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Remember you are LOVE and your LOVE moves the world. (Ho’oponopono)