“Animals are angels as they have a capability to create miracles beyond comprehension.” (ab)

Animals are a constant reminder of  freedom, acceptance, patience, tolerance and love. When i: am out in nature (my office) i: co-create with it moment by moment. It is an opportunity to clear, erase and let go of any unwanted energies and vibrations that i’ve created, accumulated and/or accepted from the beginning of my creations to the present.

When i: feel a bit low dogs come up to me and literally stay at my feet and sometimes their owners can hardly pull them away from me. Each of them gift me warmth and heal every atom and cell in my body, mind and spirit.

Many years ago i: was fortunate to experience an equine assisted psychotherapy, which i: will remember as long as i: live. As soon as we entered the manège all of the horses laid down on the floor and the therapist said: “Wow, this has never happened before.” He saw my scared face and continued: “When a horse lays down in front of anyone it means they have 100% trust in them.” He asked me to choose any horse and go and stand if front of him/her. There was this tall beauty, although i: was too scared so i: stood by a smaller horse.

Animals are so clever so of course the tall horse picked me. He came over and with his body removed all of the horses from my space. He meant business and the we started the session; sadly he passed away now. At some point we heard a knocking and the therapist pointed out that a different horse is signaling to come in and assist me. It was an incredible experience and i: felt exhausted, lost about 2 kg and felt very peaceful afterwards.

If you have an opportunity to try this i: would highly recommend it.

Anytime any animal appears in my existence i: transmute it into all my creations – food, poetry, facilitation and art.


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Remember you are  LOVE and your LOVE moves the world. (Ho’oponopono)