Empowering, awakening, nourishing and healing the mind, body and soul.
Creating from the Earth, with the Earth and for the Earth.
“I found you, thank you, i: am now here to heal your pain, lets become one and grow together.” (ab)

The concept behind of these creations evolves the body, mind and soul of a sovereign men, women, children, animals, any beings and creatures on this Earth and beyond. It is about learning to love ourselves, respecting our bodies and choosing to reward the self moment by moment. As i: said before i; am a nobody (nothing) i: don’t know anything and whatever i; create is from my heart, love and honesty. Love moment by moment.

Each day i; learn something new and i: never take anyone or anything for granted, life is simple if we choose it to be. Remember to love yourself the most precious being on Earth. Here are some of the creations that were born from nothing into inspirations.








If you have any questions about any of our creations please click here to get in touch.

Remember you are LOVE and your LOVE moves the world. (Ho’oponopono)