“Never underestimate your life it is the greatest gift you have been given.” (ab)

Andrea is a Mental Health Advocate and supports those who are going through difficulties in their life. She has and experience dealing with a narcissist, being in a controlled situation, being manipulated emotionally. mentally, spiritually, physically or monetarily as well as suicide, domestic violence, child abuse and cancer. Being in a receiving end herself, she can see into the depths of what others are experiencing or going through.

Everyone experiences these challenges in very different ways, some develop stress, anxiety, addictions and phobias, just to mention a few.

If we don’t look after our mind, body and spirit, it will eventually effect our physical health. It is simply our choice how long will we tolerate something we don’t like one second, one week, one year or 20 years? The good news is that we can choose different at any given moment.

‘I’ love you 
Thank you
‘I’ am sorry
Please forgive me 

The only purpose for our mental health is to be free. Peace of ‘I’ Always.

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Remember we are LOVE and our LOVE moves the world. (Ho’oponopono)