“Never underestimate your life it is the greatest gift you have been given.” (ab)

Mental health is a huge subject and there are thousands of books written about it. The most important choice that we can make is to love ourselves. Everything is and comes from within. We create anger, fear, stress, frustrations and other emotions that are not even real, although we are willingly accept that they are.

When we hold on to something about someone i.e. we don’t like someone – that person can’t change until we are holding on to that data in us. The idea is to see them with the eyes of love, no matter who they are. It can be hard when we are living with someone difficult or see something horrific in the world. Although these are the opportunities in our life to set ourselves free from our data. When we flow in divine rhythm without expectations is when our world (within) start to feel at peace.

If we don’t look after our mind, body and spirit it will eventually explode one way or another. It is simply our choice how long will we tolerate something we don’t like one second, one week, one year or 20 years? The good news is that we can choose different at any given moment and start clearing our data.

i: love you 
thank you
i: am sorry
please forgive me 

The only purpose for our mental health is to be free. Peace of i:, Always.

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Remember you are LOVE and your LOVE moves the world. (Ho’oponopono)