‘I’ am the ‘I’

One of the most important question someone can learn is “Who am ‘I’?

When we are able to answer this questions then we will be able to create and be in our Divine Rhythm.

My life has been a rollercoaster of emotions, dramas, traumas and ‘I’ stood at many crossroads not knowing which way to turn. And was pushed to the edge many times so much so that one day ‘I’ found myself standing at the edge of the platform ready to jump. Life has kindly gifted me so many adventures and a plethora of obstacles, that were fundamental for my growth and happiness, but most importantly let go of the data that caused my instabilities.

Since young age, ‘I’ was considered a different child, stood out and many judged me for my awareness, kindness and being able to create things, that others considered impossible.

‘I’ have learnt many modalities and always discover new avenues and interesting delights that brings harmony and peace to my life. ‘I’ love nature and it is my office, it is where ‘I’ create the most and all these twists and turbulences were and are fundamental to my growth and it was/is exactly what it had/has  to happen to become who ‘I’ am moment by moment.

When ‘I’ am creating from zero ‘I’ actually never know, because inspirations appears without announcements, they are just are and ‘I’ act upon them without knowing.

Love is all there is and the rest is an illusion.

‘I’  wish you, your family, relatives and ancestors Peace beyond all comprehension.

Peace of ‘I’.

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I wish you, your family, relatives and ancestors Peace beyond all comprehension. Peace of I,

Clarity Will Empower Your Life.

Alchemist, Transcended Master, Facilitator

Ho’oponopono BASIC I, BASIC II, Business, Health

Alchemy of the Body Advanced Energetic Body Treatment

Life and Business Coach and Facilitator LCH Dip. (Degree Level)

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki I, II

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Remember we are LOVE and our LOVE moves the world. (Ho’oponopono)