After Life – Love Moment by Moment

i: wish i: had a recipe for life is how i: start my upcoming book as when i: meet others they often ask me how do i: just so easily choose anything? Every day when i: wake up i: am grateful for whatever comes my way good or bad. My life has not been the easiest, which i: attempted to take shortly after my mum committed suicide. The moment i: found out that she passed away i: was in Reading waiting for a mate to get a tent as we were going camping. My whole body went into shock, and everything that I’ve thought that was life disappeared. And it was literally like switching off the flame of the candle with bear hands and hear it sizzle.

This wasn’t the first tragedy in my life, when i: was 16 when my father passed away in pancreatic cancer. i: was sad, but also relieved as i: grew up in domestic violence and under control for 16 years. So, in a way it was freedom as well as grieving.

One can say i: missed out on some happiness while growing up, although could have been worse. i: could have been abused by a close family friend? Oh wait…i: was. Still, i: managed to travel to a foreign country, stood up when knocked down, smiled at the face of adversity. Climbed myself up to the ladder to become Mr Ricky Gervais’ famous cat’s Ms Pickle pretend #RearOfTheYear marketing manager…oh wait on twitter! The sky is the limit now! :)

i: remember my best mate, who i lost now, told me: “Darling don’t cry life will give you much worse.” It was funny and sad at the same time, but it was the truth.  As i: wrote at the beginning there is no recipe for life, although when one commits to their life that is it. That is the bridge that connects the beating of the heart from pure love to the light at the end of the tunnel. It is almost like when science has an orgy with spirituality. (this was a joke) :)

I’ve learnt many tools and methods to nurture my mind, body and spirit and i: was raised to be honest, loving, kind and to respect others. These rollercoaster rides and twists and turns were exactly what it had to happen to manifest who i: am now.

My parents would be very proud of what I’ve turned out to be. An absolutely stir-crazy lady who is spreading laughter, giving hugs, saving lives throughout her my journeys. Although i: must confess that my best friends are trees, bees, flowers and seas and mini ponies. One of my  dream is to manifest enough resources to feed the whole world. And to raise awareness of the benefits of nurturing our mind, body and spirit. Except those with nut allergies…:) If you have not heard about this joke before then you definitely broke lockdown rules and not watched enough netflix.

i: loved creating the raw vegan dishes and i: must have had a premonition with the carrot cake. (snowman/woman scene)

There is this incredible tool called Ho’oponopono. It is easy to use and it doesn’t require any belief/religion. The only time it doesn’t work is when we don’t do it.  It is based upon love and we are the ones who are in charge. My experience with practicing this tool each day are miracles beyond imagination.

Watching #AfterLife brought back these past memories and i: had an opportunity to reflect and let go. Although my parents must have had some insight as to what i: will become. When i: think of them in tough moments they somehow show me messages in form of animals and real angels.

Dearest Mr Ricky, i: thank you for creating these series and connecting many men, women, children and animals across the globe. When i: created a video in memory of my mum you were the only person who liked it. And let’s face it with a £20 grand Afghan rug you really don’t have to like tweets. 😊 It should have its own social media account! 😊

Here is that video link if anyone is inspired to watch it:

my: legacy is to feed the people’s heart with LOVE. Loving the self empowers us to live a joyful and happy life.  When we choose to be 100% responsible for our life we will be able to receive what we desire and deserve.

If you are at crossroad or experiencing grief, fear, anxiety, anger or depression acknowledge yourself. You are the most precious being on Earth and you can choose to love yourself more each day. If this helped you, you or you i: am grateful. Remember everything is and starts from within – LOVE moment by moment. Before, during and After Life. Peace of i:, Always. : andrea: The Faery Magick xxx