Cherries and the sweetness of life

In April the cherry tree blossoms start to flower and imbue a sense of freshness, clarity and serenity. When i: was a child i: climbed up to our cherry tree all the time as it gave me a bird’s eye view of our garden and it was a peaceful place for me to just sit at. And when the cherries were ripe besides eating them, i: used to hang them on my ears as earrings. It never crossed my mind that it will be something that will be part of a story where past memories replaying a data of pain, suffering, sadness, anger, fear, frustration, hatred and every level of emotions that it is possible to feel.

Cherries are the Alchemical sweetness of life and their aroma reminds us to love and stay in harmony. Cherry juice is also considered to be the elixir of immortality. For me it represents our divine feminine energy and the sensuality of procreation.

This beautiful cherry dessert took me back to a time when things were not so sweet. i: was deeply moved by it, but recognised that it is only data replaying memories that i’ve accepted, accumulated or created from eons of time. And the reason for me being tearful is that it reminded of the days when i: was unable to eat cherries for about 10 years as that is where my mother took her life. Yes, my beloved cherry tree was a solace for my mother’s last seconds while she bid farewell to the world.

Back then there were trillions of emotions and toxic thoughts and question in my mind, but now im aware and have a tool that i: use to clear the data that is running in me (and it is running in all of us). We might be aware of 15 bits of information at one time, but we have 15 million per second that we have no idea about, hence we have no idea what is going on. Our job is not figuring it out, but our job is to simply let go and let divine transmute it and send back inspiration.

The cherry flowers return in spring to bring back the sweetness of life, but we can practice the sweetness of life by clearing our data moment by moment and detaching from everything.

 It is between i: myself and i:– it is simply our responsibility to choose. And this is how we give birth to abundant flow. Although we won’t even realise that we are in the flow as we will just be. We all have infinite possibilities available for us just like there were for my mum, although she acted upon the data that was running her.

i: clear a lot with abuse, especially with abuse of women and now it is truly the age of the Divine Feminine energy to thrive, create and rise up in peace and harmony. Stand for what we are and not against what we are not. It is the only way forward in this world in equality, co-creation, collaboration and a non-hierarchical order.

Thank you for the creator of this dessert for giving me this opportunity to clear. Your magickal touch creates for the world beyond comprehension. And there are infinite possibilities knocking on your door at every moment just turn the key and open it. i: love you and thank you.

Rest in peace mummy, i: love you. xxx


Remember you are LOVE and your LOVE moves the world. (Ho’oponopono)