Divine Feminine

Whenever i am out and about there is an opportunity to clear the data that in me.

i was travelling home from a weekend away and stopped to charge up my car. And as all the chargers were taken, i parked up and waited for my turn. Soon enough a man who was charging his car was leaving and he tried to control me that another more expensive car is waiting, who came after me. i said ok and when he left i parked up and plugged the charger in.

Unfortunately, they don’t always work and this time the system seemed to have crashed and the plug couldn’t come out. As i was there doing my best, the man who was in line after me came and tried to abuse and intimidate me. i made him aware that i have no issues using the charges and that the system has crashed and doing my best to sort it so i can get out of there as soon as possible.

As for someone who grew up in abuse and control in many forms and still going through something difficult was not easy to keep my cool. i asked him to back off and stop being in that energy and made him aware that i’m not afraid of him.

The age of male hierarchy is truly over and, in my opinion, it has never been on the top. When one has to fight against the most creative energy in the world, they are the weakest indeed. Divine Feminine vibration is the most powerful on Earth and across all the parallel Universes and Galaxies. It is the source of the existence of human race.

So, these men have given me an opportunity to clear whatever data was in me. It is not easy to take 100% responsibility when we face with a situation like this, i get that. But when we do we not only clear whatever it is going on in us, but the whole Universe for that moment lets go of that data. This is how powerful we are, as we are the blueprint of the Universe.

Sometimes i mention to my clients about the golden vagina to which they start to laugh. It is a sexual/sensual energy that i turn on in me when my client’s body requires it. No, i don’t have sex with them or anything like that, it is just a vibration that creates and resets one’s mind, body and spirit.

Every woman is capable of turning this energy on. In fact, when men have this signature frequency match, they are able to co-create together in perfect harmony. It is like having a bank account that is in constant flow and gifts abundance infinitely.

During my adventures and journeys i work with this energy and turn it on when needed. Although i don’t reveal it, but everyone around me changes even the environment. Strangers come up to me all the time for many different reasons. Some want to hug me or tell me about how the colours of my clothes cheered them up or they loved my Magick Pink hat. i elevate others to their highest potential so they start to love themselves from within, is my legacy. Love moment by moment.

Peace of i, The Faery. xxx

Remember you are LOVE and your LOVE moves the world. (Ho’oponopono)